Recording tracks with Yamaha mg12xu

Hi I am using the free Cubase ai8 with the Yamaha mg12xu.
I have imported a guitar audio backing track which is fine. The problem is when I create a new audio track to record guitar I play the audio track (guitar backing track) then record the guitar parts on a separate track.
This records fine but it is picking up the backing track in the background on the guitar track.
I also want to record vocals on a separate audio track too.
Is there any way to record them without the track being picked up.
I am using the usb to record. I just need 3 single stereo tracks so I can mix them.
I will record them individually.

Cheers if you can help.

Hi and welcome,

Is there Loopback function on Yamaha mg12xu? If yes, make sure, it’s off. If there is no Loopback function, provide us some routing information, please.