Recording Trouble at Live Show

Ok I set up my MAC Book Pro with my New Mackie 1640i at rehearsal and recorded some great stuff with no problems.
I tried the same at a live show and had some trouble.
I am not sure I know what happened but I’m thinking it could be a file size issue.
It was a two hour set and I noticed some kind of error on the screen that I of course ignored :stuck_out_tongue:
Later at home I noticed I had only caught part of the sound check and the file lengths for each track were not the same. Like the tracks quit at different times?

I thought perhaps it was Laptop power saving features or the fact that I closed the lid on the computer?
I noticed the file type was wave and not Wave64. Does this sound right?
Next time I am going to try Wave 64 for a long show.

All in all a very disappointing result but I can chalk it up to learning if I can figure out where I went wrong.

Stereo files?
And at what sample rate?

Problem with recording long sets in wave format (vs wave64) is that a wave file has a size limit of 2GB.

And I wouldn’t close the laptop lid halfway through recording if I was you!

Make sure you have all power saving switched off as well.

Thanks for the advice. I didn’t have the power saving crap turned off. I didn’t use wave64. I did try and record two plus hours of 24bit 96khz audio.
I am just hoping next time turns out better. I feel like such a noob.
Me:“Hey guys check out this totally cool rig I have here, I can record our next show!”
Band Mates: " are you sure, you know what your doing? It looks complicated."
Me:“Nah, it is easy, I really quite knowledgeable on this subject”
Band Mates:“Ok we will show up the gig an hour early so you can play with your new toys.”
Next day…
Me:“Epic fail, no audio past the sound check”
Me: (Puts head in oven)

Next time will be better :laughing:

Oh and no point in 96KHz use 44.1 for live.