Recording via aes/ebu or spdif

I have problems with setting WL11 up correctly with my sound card ; digigram VX222E.
Analog in and out works perfectly, but I cannot get digital signal in from fx DAT or ADAT. I set the soundcard to AES/EBU but no signal comes trough to WL11. Anybody who can help out there?

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WaveLab really doesn’t care about digital vs. analog inputs. It really just knows the input channel on the device.

For example, I have all AES inputs and it just cares about the channel numbers.

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Problem solved - partly: I made a cable from DAT spdif out to Soundcard AES/EBU in. I get signal trough, but not the correct way. But the signal is fine and in stereo, so it will work for now. Thanks for all input!


“In terms of data content, there should be no problem connecting between AES and S/PDIF ports . The problem with connecting them arises from signal level issues. An AES signal amplitude is 5V whereas S/PDIF is 0.5V.”

Yes it can work to connect AES/EBU to SPDIF but it’s not correct with V and ohms
so a buffert/connector to correct this is preferable.

regards S-EH

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Interesting. As mentioned, I can’t think of a setting in WaveLab that determines if WaveLab cares about a digital or analog signal. All it really cares about is the audio interface, and channel number. There’s no clocking or input type involved.

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