Recording video and audio at the same time

Pardon my ignorance, I am new yo Nuendo and I am trying it now for the first time. Can someone guide me through the steps of recording audio and video at the same time? Also, ehat kind of hardware or softwate do I need? Do I need special cables for it? Do I have to connect a camera to the computer? Inputs will be highky appreciated…


AFAIK, you cannot record video in Nuendo. You can import a video file and run it in the project.

You can, of course record any number of audio tracks (subject to the limits of your audio interface) in Nuendo at the same time as you record video using a video camera, or I guess a suitable video recording app using a video card such as Black Magic.

I agree with David of course.

If you could be more specific about what the usage will be of recorded audio/video then people will be able to give better and more specific help.

I wanted to see if I can record a music video in real time and record the audio at the same time. I used cubase all my life but I know I cant do that there. I can only import the video, take the sound out and put a recorded track and try to sync it on time…

I often shoot video at the same time as recording into Nuendo, but as I said, you can’t directly record the video into Nuendo. With Final Cut Pro, it’s very easy to sync the various cameras to the mix from Nuendo, FCP uses the sound recorded by the cameras to sync to the mix. If you’re using more than one camera, you can easily cut between cameras in FCP. Very fast way to make cheap n dirty music videos.