recording VIs as audio?

Is there a way, save me running some sort of analog loop out and back through the soundcard? Hmm–maybe I could just loop in the Echo control panel mixer…

I mean, playing it live…two hands…not recording MIDI (or it can record the MIDI TOO-don’t care)…recording the output of the VI live as audio?

You can freeze the audio of instrument channels and VST’s in the VST instrument window or you can route the audio to a Group Channel and then use that as the source of an audio track.

Create a group channel, call it “My Record Bus” or similiar, go to your vsti channel settings and on the output tab, set it to got to the aforesaid recording bus…

make sure your record bus has the red button activated on the channel.

On your transport panel, set the "preroll to 1 or 2 bars…this will give you time to hit record,and then get into “position” .

better still, if you have one, use a footpedal or similiar to activate recording with your feet, then you dont need to move out of the flow.

Or even if you want to,as you mentioned about recording, why dont you activate that super lovely, always overlooked retrospective record feature that Cubase has, but nobody uses!. :smiley:

I’ll try the group channel…I knew there had to be a way. Thx.

It’s working fine, thanks…clarification for anyone else reading, though–you have to create the “my record bus”…THEN create an audio track and choose said bus as the source. I was looking at the channel control settings and whatnot on the group bus looking for a record enable.

FWIW…to further this, anyone looking to do it–I also set the MIDI record mode to stacked so it will mute the last take. It would be nice to be able to mute the midi track and still have the pass through…so, I don’t have to mute it when I want to audition what I just played, but…maybe I’m getting greedy–this works fine. Enabling the constrian delay compensation, I was able to run the session at 64samples and it felt OK. Sure, stand alone I can run it at 32 to play into the hardware recorder…but, this is a fine compromise. Thanks. I can even record the Wurli in mono (bussed to mono) like it should be.

See this video for the elegant solution: internal summing.