Recording visible, but no sound on the track with Vocals preset

Newbie here; Help!
I have recorded an acoustic guitar part into input 1 on my UR22, no issues. Playback works fine.
I recorded vocals through a Shure SM58 into input 2.
Here’s my issue; fairly specific:
I can see the visible audio recording on the track.
I can see audio bouncing the blue bar, on the input channel ‘mono in 2’ in the mixer.
I CANNOT see audio on the Vocals channel in the mixer.
Upon playback, I CANNOT hear anything.
When I use the little speaker selected from the tool bar, and also when i open the channel solo, I CAN hear normal playback.
Additionally, when i increase vocal volume greatly into the mic, when I reach a certain volume, there’s an audible kickin where suddenly i can hear the monitor audio kick way louder, and at that point i can see the audio bounce the blue bar on the Vocals channel.
When i increase the input 2 gain on the UR22 all the way, the vocal channel shows great increase in visible audio, flattening at the top and bottom, and clips… but i can hear that during playback, suddenly, the same as when i yell into the mic and can see the blue bar bounce on the vocals channel in the mixer.

When I go to the Inspector tab and change it from the ‘male voice’ preset to another preset, like ‘lord of the strings’, everything records and playsback as normal.

Would anyone be able to tell my why the vocals presets are not playing back unless i open it in the solo channel, or if i yell into the mic?
I’ve been working on it for hours, and can’t find a solution :frowning:



In the Vocal preset, there is VSTDynamic or any other type of compressor/expander/gate plug-in. Try to bypass this plug-in, please. If you can hear the audio then, enable the plug-in back and bypass the Gate part of the plug-in only. Your signal is too low, so it’s bellow the Gate’s threshold, so it’s muted by the Gate.

Wow thanks so much for your quick response. That is very helpful.

I turned off all INSERTS with the button on the inspector and it worked right away. I then went in and shut off the gate but left the compressor and limiter on; the gate was the issue. Lowered the gate wheel about a third of the way, and presto… it works, even with the gate on!

Now… is there any documentation or videos you could point me toward so I can understand what the gate/compression/limiter can accomplish? I have to be honest… I have absolutely no idea; other than playing with the virtual dials, but with no understanding of what i’m doing :blush:.



There’s documentation for the Cubase builtin effects available, for example: Compressor or Gate

In addition, if you want more video explanations, there’s tons of stuff on YouTube and various websites explaining what compressors, expanders, limiters, gates etc. do. And if you tack Cubase at the end of yoru question, the results are often even a bit more tailored for example “what does an audio compressor do cubase” yields lots of results