Recording vocals - set up so they don't hear latency

I just don’t track ‘live’ vocals enough. I run the RME Multiface II and want the headphones in the tracking booth to get a ‘direct monitoring’ signal (running at 256k latency and it bothers the singers). Ticking the ‘direct monitoring’ box doesn’t do it.

Can someone tell me the set up (I am using the ‘control room’). I have to admit - I don’t get the RME hdsp mixer

Many thanks in advance.

Hey Rob,

I am surprised direct monitoring isn’t working for you. You should have around 6ms of latency (guessing)

You can use RME’s mixer to route.


You could click “constrain delay compensation” in the upper left corner of the arrange window to drop high latency plugs for tracking (which I use all the time) for tracking when a mix is loaded with plugins.

After you do this, you MAY be able to drop sample buffers to achieve near-real-time.

I suggest to get an understanding of the RME mixer. It’s really easy once you know the concept.

The upper row are physical inputs, the middle row are playbacks from your computer (i.e. applications), the lower row are the physical outputs.

Make sure you have checked “submix”. Then you can easily select one of the output pairs and and just set all faders (inputs and computer sound) as you want to. This is true for all output pairs! So you have as many mixers as outputs. This is useful for creating sends, headphone mixes, monitor mixes… you can just route anything to anything.

Without latency. Well, almost :slight_smile:

Hey guys thanks for the information. VERY VERY helpful. I do need to wrap my head around this RME mixer more for sure.

In the meantime the ‘delay compensation’ idea sounds like it will get me through this upcoming vocal tracking session - great suggestion. I’ll also send the music background to a temp audio channel and mute the midi tracks (save on CPU and then lower latency as much as possible.)

Thanks again.

I thought I would share a you tube vid on ‘total mix’. It really is a snap.

Thanks again guys.

Total mix!

No software monitoring stuff…

Even low latency can cause phasing artefacts for singers! It is not the “delay” itself - it is the fact that a singers “hears” him/herself through the body/room and in addition to the headphone.

Guitar/bass players playing via software-amps can stand a couple of ms usually…

Yeah, The slight delay creates a chorus effect. It messes with singers and especially string instrument players. Probably brass players too though I haven’t heard it, but I had a smidgen of latency and this particular upright bass player couldn’t pitch to save his life.

With the proper total mix routing, delay compensation contrained - and set to 256K latency - there is virtually no latency. All is good.

Direct monitoring should be ticket on rme totalmix as well. Did you tick it? Should work prefectly with no delay at all.

Tick ‘direct monitoring’ with NUENDO though, right. I don’t see that option in RME’s total mix.


Wow - I didn’t know that was even there. Many thanks. I see no reason to just leave that ON all the time (most of my work is scoring and mocking up) - vocals and solo instruments, here and there. Thanks again.

You are welcome