Recording voice settings from Yamaha keyboard to Cubase

I have Cubase VST 5.1. I like to record the performance of a song played using the style patterns from a Yamaha PSR-S775 arranger keyboard. Then I can edit as needed. I have a patchname script for most of the voices, but it is tedious and unpredictable to set the proper voices up in Cubase.

When I record the MIDI performance I get mixed results. Sometimes Cubase “remembers” and sends the proper voice information back to the keyboard accurately. Sometimes most of the voices are right. When the voices do match up, the next time I bring up the song, it plays the wrong voices. I have to manually go back and edit the voices in the inspector track.

I have found that it is important to have the channel on “any.” I have tried different MIDI settings, but it is still a mystery to me.