Recording volume lower than monitoring volume?

Hi, i’m recording some 909 hats from a module,the recording is a lot lower than the monitoring volume though.

I’m at 44khz 24bit recording, there are no automation. It doesn’t matter if its panned central or hard left/right the change is the same so its not panning laws.

The monitoring of the channel with the fader at 0db comes in at -1.7, however the recording itself when played back is -4.7 db an 3db change in gain. Is there some setting? Whats the cause of this?


Does everyone else have a lower recorded level than what they had when monitoring?

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PanLaw ? …

Surely pan law only comes into effect in playback once recorded? Even so, i’m recording in mono? If i were recording in stereo, panlaw shouldn’t effect the recording information as the pan position doesn’t stop the recording of either channel say if i record while panned left, both channels are recorded still the same as they come into the DAW from soundcard.

Surely its not possible this is panlaw? If i panned the sound hard left it remained 3db quieter than if i panned it central?

Anyone help me here?

CAn no one help me with this? I just don’t understand it at all.