Recording vox while hearing the effect

Hi all
I’m recording vocals into stereo in and in my Inserts I’ve added an effect so I can
hear immediately the way it works.
Unfortunately it’s not working for some reason and I have to record the vox and only then can I hear the effect.
What am I doing wrong?
thank you!

Hard to tell with so Little info. But certainly you are using direct Monitoring… :unamused:

Oh, didn’t think of that, and sure not I’m giving the necessary info, so please tell me what’s missing:
I’m using Cubase pro 10 on a Windows 10 machine, with a Tascam US2x2 soundcard

As I wrote already: you are probably using direct monitoring (or hardware- / zero latency monitoring, or whatever it is called for your interface).

Since I’m new at this, I’d appreciate it if you could elaborate.
What exactly does it mean and how do I make changes?
Thank you

It means you are monitoring via your audio interface and not Cubase. How to make chenges should be explianed in your interface ˋs manual. Which I donˋt have, but certainly you do.

Will check. Thanks.