Recording VST as WAV instead of MIDI during recording?

Hello everybody,

Well as we know we can export a MIDI channel to WAV after playing and recording MIDI (for example a midi channel recorded with Steinberg The Grand VST). And after exporting it to WAV, we can import it back to projects manually or automatically.

Is there a way to record MIDI channel as WAV during recording MIDI with Cubase 6?
I mean I want to play and record piano VST but I want to see it as WAV record instead of midi notes?
(I know that it will not be possible to edit the record as it is not MIDI record but WAV but in this way I will not need to export & import).

I just got curious if there is a way for this or not?


Hey … I am sure it is possible … I am a newbie Cubase user and a longtime Pro Tools user… I used to do it the whole time through bus usage … if anyone can explain it more clearly in Cubase … (Routing) I would be grateful too…


Yes. JMcecil made a nice tutorial for that. It’s not as hard as it looks :wink:

Wow! Thank you Strophoid (and also thanks to JMcecil ! :slight_smile:)