Recording VST Audio. Silly question.

I have a midi track playing a VST instrument set up with a single stereo output. I can hear the part and see the meters moving on the instrument’s output track. But how can I record the output to an audio track?

I know about freezing the VST output, but in this instance I need to record the audio output before routing the midi track to a different VST instrument for comparison purposes.


Either route via a group channel or route to a dummy (unconnected) output and set the input of your audio track to be the dummy output.

If you do this a lot, it is useful setting it up in your template. You can put all the audio tracks in a folder, enable listen on the whole lot at once, and when you’re ready to record, just record enable the whole folder, and you’re good to go.


I find the render function good for this.

I tried this but could not get anything to work. I obviously not understanding how to do it.

I did manage to do it by using a dummy group track and then assigning the group to a new audio track.

It all seems a bit 'workaround’ish - there should be a simpler, more intuitive method.

Apparently SB did it like that because we’re too stupid to avoid feedback loops. However, if you use a dummy output, you never have to see anything extra in the project.


Just use Render In Place. Select MIDI, right-click, Render In Place.

If you record from a group channel it will probably end up slightly out of sync.

I’ve not had that experience Martin. Is the entire signal chain not compensated for when delay compensation is employed?

That is not correct.
We re-record all of the time from either groups or outputs and there is absolutely no delay.


Get familiar with Render In Place. Experiment a little with it and watch some tutorials on it. It’s well worth the time:

Thanks, that is the answer. Interesting videos.

The reason that RiP was not working for me is that it does not function when using a standard Midi track - The Midi data needs to be on an Instrument track. Kinda makes sense.

I ran into the same limitation. Maybe MEAP is an option for you if you do this often. Or alter your workflow as I did.

I might start using RiP more in the future as it can provide a dramatic reduction in CPU usage. It is easy to drop midi data onto an Instrument track if necessary. I would definitely prefer this to Freezing a track as the audio is immediately available for editing after the RiP process.