Recording VST in real time

…is it me, or is there no way to record the output of a VST in real time in Cubase…?

I’ve never needed to until now but a plugin is not syncing properly when exporting. One would think you could just route it to the input of an audio track, but no. Group and FX tracks cannot record.

Is anyone aware of a (preferably free) plugin that we can just side-chain to to record an audio file for problem plugins?

You can record by routing the output of the instrument to an audio track. Make sure you disconnect the output of the target audio track first.

These are my only output routing options - no audio tracks appear.

…I can however I’ve just discovered, route a group track into the input of an audio track (and obviously I can route a VST into a group) which has resolved my problem.

Did you


I did that but still no dice.


I seem to be in the same boat as you as routing a VSTi directly to an audio track doesn’t seem to be possible for me. I might be missing something on how to do it, but I have been using a workaround that works for me. The way I do it: I create a group track for that sole purpose (Mono or Stereo according to the need) plus a empty audio track which will be the destination audio track to record the VSTi. Then I point the output of the VSTi to the group track and I set the input of the new audio track to be the group’s output.

VSTi --> Group --> Audio --> Whatever

I have been using this method since I use Cubase (CB6)

Hit F4
Go to the Outputs Tab
Create a Dummy VST Connection … don’t connect it to anything.
On the mixconsole, set the output of the VSTi to the dummy VST Connection
In the project window, create an audio track
Set the Input of the Audio track to the Dummy VST Connection
Set the Audio track to monitor
Bob’s your Uncle if one of your parents has a brother or sister named Bob.

I did a quick video … not sure how good it turned out. I literally did it on the fly.

Thanks for this explanation it gives me a second way to acheive it! But do you know if there is any advantages to use this VTS buss instead of the Group Buss? I don’t seem to see any differences in the usage/results of either method.

Hope the OP get to have his setup running… Worked for me!

Number of tracks is one difference. I tend to have a lot of Group tracks, so having ones that are simply monitor pass thru gets messy.

Thank you bigtime man! It works great. I would have never thought of doing that. I love render in place but if I use Pro-G controlled by a separate MIDI track for gating effects, it will not render the gating effect for some reason. This helps me record it in real time. Thanks again.


Almost a year on, I found this to be exactly what I needed on SO many levels… Happy Musician I am :slight_smile:

You may also use, which makes it simpler (no need to create an output and a new audio track).

Is this also possible on Cubase Artist?
I perform the steps as above but not given the option of the Dummy VST connection in the audio track (they are both stereo)

Wondering if this is just a limitation of Cubase Artist.

Hi guys, new member here!

I’m new to CA9, I was wondering if I it’s possible to do what the Op asked in Artist too?
I used to use Pro Tools 8 LE and could do it in that. But they no longer care about the home user.
I first switched to FL Studio Pro 11 and got upgraded free to 12, they have Edison to do this, but I can’t get used to the loop style of composing, so I bought Artist 9 a few days ago, loving it and all my 64bit plugs work, unfortunately I have a lot of 32bit ones that don’t.

I want to get my custom Air Transfuser and Strike loops into CA9, all my AIEP2 plugs are 64 bit VSTi’s and they work great.

Any help would be gratefully appreciated.