Recording VST Instrument

After loading Halion Sonic SE, and setting up the track to be recorded, I gets no sound of the recording during playback. Help anyone

Do you see midi events being recorded?

Screenshot of your track / track inspector before playback?

What are you using as an input device?

What are you using as a playback device?

What is your operating system?

The questions could be endless, or you could provide some details …

Sorry for not getting back sooner Scab Picken, however, I’m using the PreSonus AudioBox USB as my interface and an iMac with the 10.9 Maverick OS. I didn’t notice any Midi event being recorded so I’m guessing I didn’t set something up right.

What are you using to “trigger” the sounds in Halion Sonic SE prior to recording?

I found out that I am suppose to use my keyboard or some other external instrument to trigger the sound.