Recording VST MIDI TRACKS to Audio

Hi all,

Just updated my system with Cubase Artist from Cubase SX.

I’m able to record outboard gear (synths, samplers)- MIDI tracks to audio.
Can’t seem to record any VST-MIDI Instruments (Omnishpere, Kontakt etc.) recorded tracks to audio. What configuration set up do I use?
Trying to free up polyphony and RAM.

Any input would be really appreciated.

Export Audio!!!

…-mixdown :wink:

Import Into Project :wink:

tick “audio track” :mrgreen:

And… If the OP gets this far

may even tick…

Pool :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :mrgreen:

Ok, you win… :ugeek: :laughing:


Thinking about it a little further - ticking “audio track” ticks “pool” automatically, doesn´t it? :sunglasses:

Dam… I think you may be right :frowning: I must therefore concede defeat…