Recording VST synth to Audio

I know this may have posted a few times, but I still can’t work it out . Even with Cubase YT videos or examples in the forum.

Here’s a YT link from my setup, following some of the suggestions.

If you can point out what I’m doing wrong, that would be great

Sure. If you pause your video at 0:48
Select the parts on the track of your VSTi. Right-click them, select “Render-in-Place”. A dialog will ask you for file name, format and whether you want to include any audio plugins you might use. Click Render.
This function will create a new audio track and put the newly created file on it.

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Thanks for replying.
When I Right click, none of these icons are associated with render.
I did find Render under the edit menu, but failed to do any audio processing.
I know it’s a big ask, but can someone make a simply CPR arrangement of a basic dummy soft synth.
But show how they would route the audio mixdown?

It will stop me asking any further uneducated questions, when I can visualize the routing

I’ve just worked it out.
Johnny, you were right.
My procedure was wrong

Thanks for your time