Recording VSTi Audio Out, not bouncing


i’m using Cubase 5 Essantial on MacOS X 10.6.
I want to record the audio output of a VSTi to a audio track but i want not bounce it.
My goal is it to record the audio out of a VSTi while tweaking the knobs.
Is this possible in Cubase 5 Essential?
Do i have to upgrade to Cubase 6 Artist for this?
Can C6A this?


Can you route the VSTi to a group and the group to an audio track in your version?

its quite hard to explain (remember) but the answer is down the page on this link .its called internal summing

Doesn´t work with essential 5. Unless, you can do it via your soundcard.

Thanks for the reply.
I can route a VSTI to a group but i can’t route a group to an audio track. :frowning:
Also recording of Rewire Output seems not possible. :frowning:

I guess i have to upgrade to Cubase 6 Artist to do that, am i right?


can you do this , go to vst conections,set up an output bus and rename it internal (or whatever you want) and disconect it from the normal stereo out . so now you have a output bus which is disconected called internal. now go to the output bus of your vst instrument and change that to internal , now create a new empty audio track and change the input bus to internal ,turn on the monitor of the new track so that you can hear the vst, hit the record button on the new track and you can tweak your vst in real time while recording , but i don`t know about your version.

I do know… and it still doesn´t work with Cubase Essential 5, unless there´s a routing possibility via the soundcard…

According to the manual, it´s a Cubase only feature.

The answer for you is
It is free and works great for what you are trying to do.

I’m so glad I stumbled onto this thread, though, because as a C5 full user, I had no idea I could route output busses to audio tracks. That is AWESOME!! :smiley: Thanks guys!