Recording what is played back.

Hey guys.

I’m having some issues when I’m trying to record what is currently playing back in Wavelab. Basically, I’ve got a loop in wavelab playing out of my Focusrite Safire 6 into an old mixer and then back into the Focusrite. Basically I’m getting feedback (obvious when you think about it), but is there any way to get around it, some setting or something obvious I’ve missed maybe?

Have you tried unchecking “Monitor” in the Wavelab Record Dialog? Also check the available outputs on the Record tab and Playback tab of the Wavelab audio device setup in Wavelab preferences.

Thanks Bob.

Unless I’m missing something; if I turn off ‘monitor’ in Wavelab I can no longer see the visual level and thus get an accurate level for recording.

I’ve tried selecting different drivers in the audio device setup. The ASIO driver for my interface (Focusrite Safire 6) is only selectable in the playback section if that makes sense. Whereas I can use a seperate input and output if I use the WDM-MME Safire 6 drivers (whatever they are)

Hi Jambourgie,
I haven’t really tried this in a long time, but If you have 2 in/4 out on your Safire 6 (which I guess you do) you probably need to route your playback output (to the external gear) to 3 and 4 out, so you’re not sending both your playback output and the input monitor to 1 and 2 out, which I would think is causing the feedback. If you’re on Wavelab 6, you could also check out the external gear plugin in the manual.