Recording while music plays from pc

Hi, I’m trying to record my scratches into cubase LE4 and there are two ways of doing it, but I have no idea how to set it up.

  1. i would like to play music from pc and record only scratches over it so i would have only one track with no beat but scratches - the problem is that when I can record from my inputs than I’m not able to hear any sound from pc except from cubase audio project.
  2. my beat is stored in .exe file which plays looped fragments, so I want to record it in cubase, than loop it manually and finally record my sound. the problem is that i can see no ‘record stereo mix’ or sth like that. it is possible to extract audio from .exe, but I prefer to do it one of the ways above.
    I’m trying to do it for a long time, i read many articles on the internet but found no answer. Would be great if sb can help me with that

Use Audacity or something similar to record the stereo bus from your computer.

Unfortunately, you can only do this using your computer’s inputs/outputs very few interfaces are capable of recording their own outputs. I know, nobody said anything about an interface, but most of us don’t like the sound of ( :laughing: ) recording with our computer’s inputs. If you are looking for an interface that has these capabilities, I think I know of a couple.

thanks! seems that the only way is to install audacity or sth like that.
btw. my interface is Lexicon Omega.
thanks again :wink:

Interesting. I’m familiar with Lexicons, and I don’t think they’ll be capable of doing this, but I would contact Lexicon to get the official word on it.

BTW, I know this is off-topic, but does the Lexicon seem to be stable in a DAW atmosphere? Some on Amazon say that the Alpha, Lambda, and Omega are bad about making Cubase blue-screen. The Lexicon’s reverb units make me go: :open_mouth: !

I don’t use lexicon reverb, but I haven’t had any problems with bsods yet. works stable on my win7 x64 2ghz and 4gb ram.