recording whole band

hi i’m new to all of this and was wondering if,or how to record the whole band at once from a anolog mixing board thru the interface

If you are new to this, I would not suggest doing anything so ambitious. Too many parameters to get your head around at once.

If you need to do it within the next few months, I would suggest hiring someone to help you walk through it all. Otherwise allow that time just to take the baby steps required and experiment.

DAWs are probably the most complex prosumer programs you will come across. Any similarity to your hardware ended with the pretty representation of a mixer. It is far more flexible, and that flexibility requires some time to get your head around.

First off, just to get yourself acquainted with what Cubase can do, I suggest reading the first paragraph or two of every chapter and section. You will not know how to do anything after that, but at least you will know where to look when you do.