Recording Window_Monitoring a Mono-file

one question regarding the monitor function within the record window:

I recorded a mono source - recording went fine,
but my question:
I seem only be able to monitor/hear the input source on one output channel
(in my case now only the left channel).
Is there a possibility to hear the input signal (mono) on both outputs somehow ?
But it seems the monitoring is just a direct through Inputs to Outputs.
Do I get this right ?



Is this with Windows or Mac, internal or external audio device ?

In the recording dialog check under Inputs 1 or 2 channels ?

even check audio device routing for L or R maybe a pan setting ?

maybe you can select how to listen back with software mixer !

just ideas

regards S-EH

Thanks for the suggestions, S-EH,
actually I think I’m not doing it wrong,
it just seems to be working the way it is.
(just asked for a confirmation)

Sadly the included WaveLab-help is often not much of help (tho I like the tooltips),
that’s why it’s great to have PG and some other helpful folks on this forum here.
(yeah, and I’m reading the old WaveLab 6 manual also…)
I’m sure I’ll come up with more questions soon, as I’m currently delving deeper into
the Audio Montage of WL…

Well, my RME Fireface audio interface has some nice goodies, like Digicheck and TotalMix,
which complement WaveLab Elements 7 just fine,
so TotalMix with it’s routing and Monitoring features seems to be a more comfortable solution
for monitoring right now.

Thanks and Cheers