Recording with arranger track

For the first time, I’ve used the arranger track to set up a base with MIDI drums and piano. I’m now ready to record audio. Is there a clever way to do this, or do I need to flatten the arranger chain? I did try simply hitting record. It would record my intro and first verse, but at the first repeat it would punch out. It would be cool if I could record the whole song in arranger mode, keeping every take of every arranger event.

you might have to check the arranger channel and make sure the order is set correctly maybe, or just save the project and flatten it for each one.

its a feature request that I also would like.


Only option I know of is to turn off arr while recording, as a work-around.

Turning off arranger mode while recording does work. However, that means I have to play one line of verse, half the build, one line of chorus etc. It gets a bit confusing, so flattening may still be the way to go.

OK, I figured it out.

When I’m done with my MIDI arrangement, I flatten the chain with the option to keep the arranger track. I then record my instrument over the whole song. Now, if I’m not happy with say verse 3, I could simply replace it with verse 2. Or I could replace every chorus with the best one. Then before I move on to vocals, I just flatten my new chain.

This is great!