Recording with Cubase: Solid as Rock!

here is another project that i’v recording in my studio with Cubase 6.5. The video was shooted with an Iphone 4, the audio is the final mix at 16 bit 44100.
Drums, Double Bass, Acoustic Piano in recording room, Singer and saxophone player in the Control Room!
It 'was hard satisfy all musicians, everyone wanted his personalized monitor mix, anyway cubase worked for a whole day solid as Rock!
any feedback is welcome!

Girl can sing. That’s it! Nice recording. Thanks.

Is she singing into an C414?

And, yes, she can sing. But that entire ensemble was quite good.

Very nice recording. Personally, I feel the drummer needs to do some things to move the song along, like brush-swirls during the first verse, for example – too many repeptitive 1/4 notes

I really enjoyed that! Wish I knew what she was saying :sunglasses: