recording with effects in DIRECT MONITOR mode

Hi Guys,

I am thinking of crossgrading from nuendo to cubase 7. I use an RME hammerfall 9652 audio card, together with 16 channel apogee AD and 8 channel RME DA.

I have a question regarding cubase 7.

If I am recording a person playing acoustic guitar and singing at the same time, is it possible in cubase 7 to build a custom cue mix for the artist and apply reverb ONLY to the vocals? And then send this custom mix out of a stereo pair from DA converter to feed the headphone amp?

I dont like working in software monitor mode, I always work in DIRECT MONITOR mode so I need to be able to do this in this mode.


I’m not sure, but direct monitor mode is on your hardware and software monitor is in Cubase.

In Cubase, it is not a problem, if you have a dedicated headphone output.

You can all do this with Control Room and Cue Sends

You could add a hardware reverb unit in the chain before the headphone amp. But the DAW is not the problem you sound card is it has to have a DSP reverb if you want to use direct monitoring with reverb.