recording with mic but soundbreaks..

I’m new to recording and try cubase.
I’m using mic to record but soundbreaks like somebody switch on off button.
record sound few second then no sound record sound then sound…
when i plug in my guitar it works fine…
so chek my mic but mic is working fine with other program.

How can i resolve this problem???
Please help me

Not a lot of info to go on really, but if recording guitar through same interface works fine and using a mic doesn’t and only in Cubase, then check that you haven’t inadvertently inserted a Gate on the channel!

It would be polite to reply to your other thread about not being able to export, even if you have it working now, so we can at least know if we helped!

By soundbreaks do you mean dropouts? Are you recording at higher bit depths/sample rates when recording with mics? There are alot (and I do mean alot) of different things to check when you have interuptions in your audio stream.

sorry… i solve export problem…
Thanks for reply