I would appreciate help with this, so thank you in advance if you are able to advise me - it would mean a lot…!

So, essentially, i am trying to properly set up my Nord Drum 2 for recording in Cubase 5.

On a basic level, i would like to be able to add the ND2 as a MIDI Device in Cubase, in order to both hear and record (in MIDI) the sounds that i have created on the ND2.

I have tried quite a few different things to solve this myself, including searching on this forum, and can’t seem to find anything that helps… any ideas?

What i have been able to do is plug in the ND2, and using a VST instrument track (record enabled) i am able to successfully trigger sounds using my Nord Pad. However, i have encountered some serious issues when trying to record/playback the MIDI data on this track (which i will post a separate topic about…)

I hope that i’ve made that clear enough… here’s hoping i’ve just missed something obvious and it’ll all be a couple of clicks away from the perfect setup! Somehow i doubt it though…

Thanks again in advance,