Recording with play order active


When I try to record with play order active, recording becomes unarmed once the playorder track goes to the next part.

For example if I have parts A and B and start recording for part A, part A records fine but as soon as play order goes to part B, recording on the transport bar becomes disabled and nothing records for part B.

Is there an option to keep recording?


Hello Lumen,

There is not because the editing for Play Order is non-destructive and cannot make the necessary edit while the file is in record.

To record a new part, you would either need to go section by section, or flatten the Arranger track to make a new sequence, and record there.

I hope this information helps.

Thanks Chris! That is disappointing however!

I also wish you could mixdown a playorder without flattening. It’s a great way to write songs and I often mix them to hear them on other systems but it requires me to flatten the project to do so. At least with that I can create a separate project. For this record part to part thing it is harder say if you hold out a note into another part to see if two parts could go together. Even if I flattened it wold be harder to go back to unflattened.


I understand. One thing I do personally is save the project with a new name, and then flatten. This way I can easily revert to my unflattened version to create a different arrangement.