Recording with the arranger track

I’ve been trying to use Cubase for live looping, and got very close to finding a way to do it in a previous post (thanks @skijumptoes ). Essentially, by using the arranger track it’s possible to define multiple loops and jump around them smoothly. It’s then pretty straightforward to set up a generic remote to stop and start recording, move between tracks and loops, enable monitoring and/or recording, etc.

BUT… recording stops as soon as the first loop is complete or if the arranger track moves on to a new item. This really stops it being usable, as enabing record at each loop is a huge inconvenience.

Instead, it would be so much better to be able to continuously record when using the arranger track. Ideally, it would link into the lane functionality, but otherwise just recording over the top of previous takes would be fine. It looks like this feature has been suggested here quite a few times before…