Recording with the UR816C

I did a short recording test with the UR816C.
I read some people complained about losing the ControlRoom function in Cubase when using these URC interfaces.
The manual explains how to use the interface integrated into Cubase and indeed the new “HARDWARE” function in the Inspector becomes only available when you disconnect the ControlRoom.

But…I wonder why you should use this hardware function and not use its own DSPFX mixer?
Maybe someone can explain to me the benefits or disadvantage?

I did record a guitarpart through the ampsim of the URC to a backling audiotrack.
I recorded in two ways:
First the way explained in the manual, so make all adjustments in the inspector, but then you lose the ControlRoom, which I do not want.

Secondly I recorded making all adjustments in the DSPmixer, and not on the Cubase recording-track (so there is no “hardware” tab in the inspector) and that gives exaclty the same result and you can keep the ControlRoom function activated in Cubase.

Both ways I did not activate “direct monitoring” in Cubase (why should you…?) and offcourse did not activate the little speaker-icon on the audiotrack you record on.