Recording with UR44 from Fender Rumble 100

I hope someone can help me with what is likely a beginner’s question about recording electric bass on my UR44.

I have a Fender Rumble 100 bass amp, which has a line out XLR jack on the back. The Fender manual says this is a “balanced output to connect to external devices such as PA systems and recording consoles.” When I first got the amp, I thought that I might be able to run an XLR cable from the Rumble directly into one of the 1-4 inputs on my UR44. But reading the UR44 operation manual, I see that for all of inputs 1-4, the manual says "“The XLR-type is MIC only . . .”

Does this mean I can only run an XLR from a microphone into those inputs? And that therefore I should not run an XLR from the line out on my Fender Rumble?

I would have thought that the line out on the Rumble was exactly for using XLR to go straight into a recording device. And I know there are DI boxes that take your unbalanced connection from your bass or guitar and convert it to a balanced connection so you can go XLR into a PA or recording device.

So is it okay to connect the Rumble via XLR into one of inputs 1-4 on the UR44? And if so, does it matter which one I use? I would guess 3-4, as it’s line in. Is that right?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.