Recording with Yamaha MG16XU in Cubase AI7


I am a Keyboardist.I am trying to Record with Yamaha MG16Xu mixer in Cubase AI but, Nothing is being recorded.
My Keyboard Tyros is being connected to channel 1 and Korg Pa800 on ch2

Thank You

Are you recording an audio out from your keyboard? I have the same unit YAMAHA MG16XU, use channel 13/14 & activate the channel switch its the square button below the PAN knob. Also make sure to press down the button for LINE/USB below the RCA input jack in 15/16 channel. Also press down the ST & FPL buttons beside 13/14 channel’s fader. Then you may audition everything via headphone. By now you should be able to see the meters animate in cubase when playing something in your keyboard.