Recording without a click

Hi – I’m sure I’m missing something really obvious, but why is it hard to record without a click? I have a Bolero-like snare drum track that part of the chart and easy to accurately record to, so I’d like to just silence/turn off the Dorico click. I thought that just clicking the metronome icon would turn the click off but that didn’t work. Then I tried setting the click velocities to 1, but that didn’t work either. Next, I went to the time track in Play mode where – to my surprise – I found four VST instruments listed: one Dorico beep, and three NotePerformer listings for the three instances I have running in order to cover all the instruments in a full orchestra. I found that if I chose one of them, the click pretty much got lost in the mix although I’m not sure it’s not still sounding. Is there a way to mute the Time track to be sure?
Thanks in advance. I’m sure all can tell that I’m still climbing the Dorico learning curve (still on 3.5 with 4.0 poised in the wings).

Have you tried to mute the click channel in the mixer?

Thank you!!
When I first set up NotePerformer3 in Dorico, I saw that it used its own mixer (I looked there for a click track and didn’t see one) so I didn’t think to look at the Dorico mixer…:frowning: