Recording Wizoo VST in Cubase 4

Hi - First thing to state is I am a complete noob in terms of using Cubase or any type of DAW so please consider this if you choose to help me - many thanks. So my aim is to record 8 bars of every instrument track from Wizoo Darbuka. As you may know this is a discontinued and very old sound library / virtual instrument which has many loops of Middle Eastern rhythms played on several drums for each rhythm. I have managed to actually get it working using Cubase 4 and can play each part which I want to record. As this is such an old legacy and discontinued product I have to use these old hardware and software to actually get it to run. It will not work on newer devices and platforms. I want to record these parts and save them as WAVs and then use them in in an iOS app called Launchpad. As the computer I am using to access Wizoo is very old ( MacBook Pro 1.1 running OSX 10.6.8 ) it only just about has the processing power to run each part, usually fairly continuously but often stutters. I need to “export” these parts as WAVs so I can use them in an up to date app where I can actually do something useful with the samples.

So my problem is quite simple - I have no idea how to capture / record the audio of any track I play. I have tried reading all the manuals re how to record audio from a VST but Im getting nowhere and quite honestly am baffled as it is quite a steep learning curve. So any basic step by step walkthrough as to what I need to do to achieve this aim would be gratefully received.

Let me know if I need to submit any other information.

Thanks in advance


Well I have to say what a complete waste of time it was coming here for help. OK so no one answered but what really gets me is I have written 3 times to the admins to ask what else I can do and not once did I get a reply. If this is the level of “support” you can expect from Steinberg then I for one am giving up on their products and going elsewhere. Thanks for nothing.