Recording YouTube Sound

I downloaded Audacity but I can’t record YouTube. I have the UR44 which comes up in the Audacity box and I have selected Windows ASAPI. I’m using Widows 10. Any ideas, anyone? Thanks.

You have to make sure that Audacity is “listening” to the audio output from the sound card. Sorry, but I’m not at the DAW at the moment and don’t remember the exact steps for it. I’ve re-recorded lots of audio from many places with this method.

One YouTube video I looked at told me to set up Audacity for recording audio from YouTube which I followed but it didn’t work, but there was loads of people posting comments underneath saying thanks for the great advice. Another video was for Windows 7 which said I needed to go into Control Panel and the then Sounds and then click Stereo Out but my UR44 driver has removed that option, or it’s not there in Widows 10. I might have to ask on the Audacity forum. I like Belbury Poly and Jim Jupp uses lots of samples from old British films. I thought I would have a go.

Did you enable loopback in UR44?

You can also just use one of many free online/program youtube downloaders. Just input the link and choose download as audio (or video of course). Quicker than actually realtime recording a long video. Import into Cubase - done. Most have options for WAVs or mp3s.

Hi Grim,

I opened the UR44 Editor and it said, Cannot use USB port, it is being used by another application. My UR44 interface works okay, Cubase is fine, and YouTube videos make a sound, but I changed all the USB devices around that are plugged into the back ofmy PC trying to get my CC121 to work, which is now working. I didn’t think the ports mattered, do you think I should rerun the UR44 driver?

Hi Atardecer,

Could I use Realplayer? How do import the sound from YouTube videos into Cubase? Does Cubase take the sound and remove everything else?

Don’t know as I dont use it. But you can use an online converter such as this:

Just paste the link of the video and convert to your desired audio convert. Import into cubase :slight_smile:

What are you calling the UR44 editor and how are you opening it and is any software running??

I just do a search for UR44 and up comes dspMIXFx UR44 and I have Cubase running.

dspmixfx doesn’t run when Cubase is open because all the same function is part of the Cubase integration with UR44.

Anyhow, from memory, I don’t think this is where you enable loopback anyway…why not look in the manual.

Yes, that worked. Thanks, Grim.