I’m relatively new to the recording world and I’m looking for a site where I can pick up basic tips and techniques. YouTube, whilst interesting, seems to be full of advice on recording dance and rap. I’m looking to record voice, acoustic guitar, electric bass and occasional mouth organ. Any pointers gratefully received.

You can read all back issues except the 5 most recent. Lots of articles on recording techniques, and even a Cubase Hints section!

Reading around is good advice. Depending on what resources you have in your area and in your pocket, you will also find it beneficial to go on a short course or book some studio time to see how they do it. However, there are a couple of things that will set you on the right road:

  • You need a decent audio interface. You don’t say what you have but the facilities built in to your computer’s motherboard or consumer soundcards are unlikely to produce satisfactory results for recording what you want to do. You will be using microphones and so will need something that has XLR inputs with good quality circuitry. You will find loads of opinions about that on this forum, ask at shops, read reviews. You will also be plugging in 1/4in jacks, so make sure it can take these. Consumer stuff only has mini-jacks which are not up to the job.

  • You need a decent mic. Read up, ask around…

  • Recording is largely a matter of trial and error. But 2 things I think are of special importance: understanding the flow of the signal through the equipment and getting your levels right. Your audio interface will have some controls for this, as does Cubase. Read the manuals, do the tutorials.

  • You can’t make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. If it doesn’t sound right in the room, it won’t sound right down the mic. If it doesn’t sound right down the mic… and so on. Mic placement makes a big difference to the sound it captures. Experiment is the only way. You will hit on something that works for you. Bass is a doddle. Just plug and play.

  • Personally, I wouldn’t bother with any third-party plug-ins until you’ve learnt to use the included ones first. Even an expensive plugin can sound crap in the right hands! :wink:

Ok, that’ll do. Always a useful exercise, explaining the basics. You will find loads of advice round here (and some very unhelpful opinions too but just ignore them). Some of it may even be in agreement but that’s the world you’re letting yourself in for.

Good luck,

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Have you actually tried the link I gave in the fourth post of your previous thread of the same title? …

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To Chase - I’m afraid I wasn’t aware that you’d posted a reply so apologies for that and thanks for the link.
To crochety - I have W7 Home 64bit on a reasonable PC with a Line 6 UX2 interface using a Rode NT1-A mic for recording vocals.

Well, that’s a good enough start, then…

Check out the videos on this YouTube channel. They are all great: