I heard that if i play with the keyboard and i forogot to put on record . i can restore it back even i didn’t record it.
how do i do that?
thank you

You can enable and set the length of retrospective record in the preferences. So lets say you just played the best melody ever created without record on and decide you want to save it…you finish playing, hit record and shortly after hit stop.

Then you can extend the created event to show the earlier recording (if this is at the start of the arrangement you’ll probably have to drag it later)

can u point me where on preferences

Actually I’m not even 100% certain if it is in preferences or whether it’s in the menus somewhere.

I’m not at DAW to check and have never actually used it so your best bet is probably just to search the manual.

Audio Pre-Record : Preferences->Record->Audio->Audio Pre-Record Seconds. I have mine set to 60, the max. Simply press record and then move the beginning of the recorded event backwards to reveal pre-recorded audio.

MIDI Pre-Record : Preferences->Record->MIDI->Retrospective Record Buffer Size. I have mine set to 10000 events. Different to Audio, this is how I do it… You have to press Shift-* (on the keypad) and an event will appear on your MIDI track which contains the pre-recorded MIDI. It’s more fiddly than audio but it works well.


"You have to press Shift-* "

WOW :open_mouth: :astonished:
It’s working
Thank you so much