Recordings and accompaniments are recorded together to solve the problem

Why was the accompaniment recorded in one piece when recording vocals with headphones? What to do?

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I am sorry, but do not understand your topic.
Please let me have more details.


That is, I used headphones to record vocals in cubasi. After recording the audition, I found that the recorded vocals were mixed with background music

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That is, I used headphones to record vocals in cubasi. After recording the audition, I found that the recorded vocals were mixed with background music

It sounds to me like a cross-talk issue caused by the headphone in use.
It might be possible to avoid this via using in-ear headphones or similar.

I’d suggest to google the topic to learn more.

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Could be he uses the same input as the earlier track. Especially with outboard gear make sure you are recording a dedicated bus/output and not the stereo or tape output of the console because that will contain all tracks

I’m creating a new audio track to record vocals, and the sound played on other tracks during recording is also recorded into the audio vocal track, and I’m using An Apple Wired Headphones

How does your routing look ?
It seems that you are summing all audio to the same input you are recording vocals too.

This often happens when you use an external console and by accident use the output from the master as input

In my setup for example 10-18 are my adat bus outputs from the console
5/6 is the analogue master output of the console.

When you select 5/6 as input in cubasis it will record everything you hear on the monitors. When selecting the bus outputs it will only record in that track what is send to the that specific bus.

So somehow whatever your setup is you are recording the master output and not the vocals separate.

How many inputs and outputs do you have in cubasis?
What interface?
And make a screenshot of the routing of that channel please and post what the others are (routing)

In the routing is the mistake.

The first picture shows the routing of other instruments,and the second is the recording of all instrument sounds that will participate in the project。

Ok you have output 1/2
Input 1

I don’t know the interface but it seems it will record 1 with the sum of 1/2

In essence your master should NOT show up on recording.

Do the following
Play the tracks and monitor your input without input (disconnect the mic) when playing it should be 100% silent. As soon as you see something on that channel it is recording the master.

I don’t know the rest of your setup as mentioned but make sure you are only sending the master to the monitor output and not route them back.

This is one of the reasons I use a console.
I just send my outs to the console inputs
And the bus outputs (or direct out) I send back to the interface bypassing all the stuff in the interface that can go wrong.

With a 2 channel input interface you should be able to just route the master mix to the monitor out and not back in.

So please also check your wiring.
In and out should be 100% separate.

thank you。I see.

Did that solve it ?

I tried, or the same, I don’t know if it’s because of the headphone cord?

I’m using a headset like this, isn’t it a problem with the headset itself? I also try to record in flm, aem, all the same will be other instrument sounds recorded in.

I would need to see your setup from interface to cubasis.

In essence I would HIGHLY recommend a separate microphone and for mixing those are 100% useless (sorry)

You need some good open headphones that don’t color. And even than you need to check your mix on monitors because the stereo placement is very hard to judge on headphones especially the amount of depth and reverb.

Normally an interface should have in and outputs like monitor or headphone output.

Connect your mics to the inputs and the monitor or headphones to the outputs.

Don’t combine headphones and mics.

Thank you for your answer, it is the problem of headphones, you need to replace separate headphones and microphones.