Recordings problem

I can’t record a midi track in AI7
My tyros is in the device list, created a midi track and signal goes in when pressing a key and it also routed back to the tyros and sounding by the tone generator in the tyros.

But when pressing record in the track it starts to record but no midi gets recorded, also theres no midi routed back to the tyros which is quiet, have been struggling with this for some time ,anybody that can help, what I’m I doing wrong?
It feels that when record is pressed something is breaking the midi flow and the connection to the tyros since nothing
is showing up in the transmit and receive page in the tyros midi settings.

also…when in non record mode cubase are showing in the transport section both bars moving when a key is pressed on the tyros and midi is coming in, when in record mode only one bar is moving when a key is pressed and also as described no data is routed back to the tone generator in the tyros?

So…non record, midi is flowing in and out
recording, no sound when keys are pressed and also no midi gets recorded, Cubase is master, clock set to cubase internal.


Quite certainly a record filter is active…

Thanks, that solved it