Records all other tracks and input track - Cubase 9

Sorry for repeating this post but I’ve found a number of entries with people who experienced the same thing but no solid solution that I was able to follow. I’m a super noob music recorder, mostly used to Audacity, Reaper, and Studio One.

In Cubase AI 9 I imported a music file to “play along with”.
Input bus for that track to NONE.
Output to Stereo 1 - since that will go to the speakers connected to the Steinberg outputs.

Connected an XLR cable and MIC on Input 1 to record a test vocal.
Created an armed a track, set the input to use the steinberg input 1 where MIC was plugged into, and the output to also use the Stereo out so it would go to my speakers.

Nothing else is connected, nothing on the Steinberg unit is connected to my computer except the USB connector.
Nothing from the unit is connected to anything on my internal soundcard.

I’ve got no other microphones, and I didn’t muck with the Cubase settings so this should be a pretty default installation.

I’ve got a few other variations to test tonight - test if it only happpens recording vocals from input 1 or if it happens on guitar on input 2.
As well as testing the mic on input 2 since it should work there as well.

I don’t have the same problem in Audacity, but as that is less fully featured I didn’t really expect to have it there.

Any reasonable suggestions appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

Surrey, B.C.

Hi and welcome,

What is the problem, please? I can see a description of your setup, but not description of the issue.

Could you send a screenshot of VST Connections > Inputs, please? And another of MixConsole with “Routing” tab open?