Recover Audio - Retupation at stake!!

I had 2 mics up, recording 2 mono channels.

Half way through the take I changed the output of 1 of the audio tracks to a group channel I had set up.

It was only when I stopped recording that I noticed the track I changed the output on, had no data on it. There was no wave form.

I have the first half but seriously need the second half. It was one of the golden spur of the moment vibes. Hence the un-prepared quick set up and rash decision to route the channel to the group track that had fx on it.

Is there anything I can do???

Thanks in advance!

if its recorded its in the audio pool

Have you checked the actual contents of all the audio files in the Pool? It may be that the second half is there even though the project window is not showing the waveform. Re-import the files, in other words.

If it’s not there, I fear you may have lost it. Changing any routing, or loading plug-ins during recording is a no-no. The whole audio engine re-configures to allow for plug-in delay compensation.

Thanks guys

Yea I checked the audio pool. Its the same there thats in the project.

I know its a no-no because Ive done it before. I was just an idiot. Nice to know why tho. Thanks for your help.

If you had audio retrospective record on (well, actually, say 60 seconds set in the preferences), then you could have instantly put that track back into record and you would have got the last 60 seconds of that input channel… It stores a rolling amount of audio (iirc) for each audio input channel so the quick you go back into record the more you get. I use it all the time for accidental disarming or forgetting to press record!


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