Recover corrupted HDD, Cubase 5 files

Hi guys!!

Guessing this issue hasn’t been much of an issue here as I didn’t quite find any information on the forum regarding this so if there’s already a post about this, I do apologise! :blush:

So long story short. My HDD which has 5 years worth of projects, samples, edits and 10 years worth of my life has gone to RAW format. You see there was a clicking noise when connected to PC which had me worried so I “fixed” the HDD in my laptop (disk repair/ defrag) and stopped clicking. Plugged into PC (no clicking still!) but now asks to format it :neutral_face: :question:
So a little research on the matter and the “repair” has formatted the HDD to RAW and I’ve come to find a Data Recovery Tool by Puran: Which seem promising to find files ( haven’t completed a full recovery just yet!), And also has a directory for Puran recovery to search for specific file types.
Now the question really is this!
Does anyone know the binary string name for all .CPR file types? With this information, this could really save 10 years of data loss.

This HDD was a new backup from my dead HDD so I “may” have the last 9 years of data but that depends if I can revive the dead HDD. But on the other hand, I don’t want to lose last year’s music/ projects :cry: :cry: :cry:

Help anyone?? :pray:t5:


Cubase 5, intel i3, windows 7 32bit, Cakewalk UA-101

Guess not :sob: