Recover erased sound files?

I am using Cubase 4 in XP

In the project pool dialogue, in the trash folder, I thought that I was cleaning up the files in the pool by erasing what I did not need for that particular project. As soon as I did that, I regretted it. :astonished: I checked the Audio folder for those files, and they are no longer there. :frowning:

Is there a way to recover recently erased files?

Many thanks in advance.

Not to my knowledge. When you click Erase, it’s gone from your hardrive for good. Next time you want to clean up your Pool, instead of clicking Erase, choose Remove from Pool. That way, you’ll be able to dig your unwanted recordings out of your project’s Audio folder if you ever need them. Sorry about that, bro; hope you didn’t lose anything too special. :neutral_face:

Hi Bane,

Thanks. This is the first time that I would say that Steinberg / Cubase REALLY needs to add some code that puts a check and balance on that particular function - - like “HEY, ‘Erase’ means ERASE FROM THE WHOLE DRIVE!” “Are you SURE you want to do that???”

Those files are, tragically, unrecoverable, and unreproducable, as they were a record of a particular day, time, and place. Shoot me now!!!

Are we allowed to curse here?

Looking for bridge to throw myself off of,

  • Eva :cry:

Apart from the fact, that of course it´s everyone else´s fault and not yours :unamused: . There is plenty of data recovery software available. Google is your friend

Yup, the moment you realise you have deleted something you shouldnt, STOP

Do not do any more recording or anything that may write file to that drive.

Get some undelete/recover program from the web, install it on a drive that the lost data is not on and you stand a good chance of getting it all back.

@ Thinkingcap,


Is there some reason that you need to viciously attack me?

Did I do something to you? I don’t even know you, however you have found it necessary to personally attack me and roll your eyes at me. I did NOT say that it is everyone else’s fault. I did NOT lay blame at anyone’s feet. I SAID, that in THIS case, I think that Cubase needs to have a check and balance on this particular function to make it clear that the action does not only apply to the trash subfolder within a project, but to the entire drive.

I do not see how any of my comments warrant you personally attacking me and my character. If you do not have anything polite or courteous to say, then please do not say anything at all, and please leave me alone.

I think the pool delete function does state the conditions, remove from pool or delete from drive!

A good check and balance system COULD be to lock the software until the user digitally signs a user consent form stating that they have read the manual. Just an idea.

there some reason that you need to viciously attack me?

I don’t think he’s attacking you … but definitely attacking against the philosophy according to which our software should be our babysitter.

Come on. Deleting something accidentally IS a user error. Period. How far should software go to prevent this? Do we really want our doftware to ask: “Are you really sure your answer to question ‘Are you really sure?’ was what you wanted?”.

Have you considered a system restore? Normally that will just mess with your prog files rather than personal documents, but that might be worth a try. I really don’t think the software will need to be changed in this particular area, you normally don’t want to delete anything permanently that you even might want to keep. I know, it sucks learning the lesson the hard way, but in the end this is actually operator error, Cubase erased the file as you told it to. For future precaution, I would backup any audio, MIDI, projects, or whatever in three different places to keep from losing it from arbitrary clicking or software misunderstandings. :wink:

Recuva is the awnser : )