Recover File after crash


I worked on a file, which was created from scratch and not yet saved when Dorico crashed.
Is there any possibility to recover my work?
Is there an autosave option or even a instant-save function like in many other modern applications like e.g. LogicX, that save every edit instantly, so that you can continue work after a crash exactly at the point you were before the crash?

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Auto-save has not yet been implemented.

I used to use Sibelius. When Sibelius crashes, the program saves the last version of the file you were working on automatically to start over from there. I really hope Dorico had that function as well as auto-save.

Dorico does not yet have auto-save, but each time you save your project, it saves a copy into a folder called ‘Backup Projects’ inside your ‘Dorico Projects’ folder, so you should be able to find lots of previous versions if you have a problem with the last saved version. But you do need to remember to save yourself, until such time as we implement auto-save.