recover missing files

I need help with C8.0
I need to recover a lot of files in a audio file I had to rebuild.
So I use the feature you get with selected files “recover missing files”. I arrive in a window who show all the files. You get underneath the choice of locate/ folder. I choice Folder because they are in a specific folder I know exactly who have them but this operation do not work with all files.
You will see on the location in the pool that the missing have ??? Before the H:… The one who are recovered have the HD name " Musique 2" as 1st level.
Any idea there is 10.000 files

This is happen on a PC Win 10

Waow so many propositions
I must be the only one on this planet who get this bug.
In 20 years using Pro Tools I never had this.
the ID of the sample is not recognized???


I did 8 songs already locate the sample one by one, a dream