Recover original audio files before modified by ARA2

How can I recover the original audio files before i modified them by dragging and dropping audio files from revoice pro ?

I don’t know specifically about Revoice, but you should be able to Select the Audio and set it to No Extension on the Info Line.

As far as I know ARA always makes a copy of the audio & uses that.

That doesn’t work unfortunately.
Because I didn’t use Revoice in ARA mode,
but in standalone alone,
and drag and dropped audio directly from revoice into audio regions in cubase whih automatically replaced the original file with the one from revoice.

The original file is still present in the pool.

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Ah, then your subject title is a bit misleading since ARA wasn’t involved at all - ARA just allows 2 programs to communicate & work together. But it’s not part of the audio processing itself. Have you checked the Revoice documentation to see how it undoes stuff?

Did it really replace them or are they perhaps on different Lanes of the Audio Track? Either way @st10ss is right it should be in the Pool.