Recover project after saving over it by accident


There was a problem opening a project, all my tracks where empty and muted. When I went to close spectralayers and reopen it accidentally saved the project. Now the file size is just a few kb… Is there a way to restore my work?

I did not see this problem afterwards when opening another project from its .slp file.

Any help will be appreciated

Close SL, and check the following folder:
%appdata%\Steinberg\SpectraLayers 9.0\Cache
That’s where SpectraLayers store layers data (as .pcm files) and project data (as .slx files) during sessions. These files are supposed to be auto-deleted after a session unless SL crashed, which allows you to recover projects. But if you didn’t have a crash there’s a lower chance to recover something here.

Hi Robin,

It looks as if the files are all recent from today when I starting working with SL this afternoon. I tried a data recovery tool to find the deleted cache files associated with my project.
How do I perform recovery once I retrieve those cache files?

Thanks again

Ideally if you can recover all pcm and all slx then:
1/ keep them in the cache folder, but also make a backup copy somewhere else
2/ in SL, click File > Open and open the recovered slx file. If it can be opened, save it as a slp project somewhere safe.

If you can only recover the pcm files, you can open them but it’ll be trickier to recover an entire project.
pcm files are entire individual layers, but also fragments of layers used to undo operations.
The pcm files also only contain raw samples without format informations. So you can individually open them in SL (File > Open or Import) but you’ll have to specify the bit depth (always 32bit float), sample rate and channels.