Recovering deleted recordings?? Please help...

Its very clear that I know nothing when it comes to using this programs… so any and all help is much appreciated.

I recently got Cubase 6 Elements. Before I had Cubase LE 4. With the old program every single thing I recorded got put into an “Audio” folder where I was saving the work at. Even stuff that was instantly deleted remained in that folder. Now with the newer version that folder wasnt created. I some how managed to delete a chunk of my recording and without noticing saved the file and then closed it. If I had that folder I could essentially weed through everything to find what was deleted.

Do I have any way of finding what was deleted like I could have in the older verion??

Thank you for your time and help

Aren’t they in the Trash folder in your pool?

Its amazing how if you actually read through the forum you can probably find the answer you are looking for. I was able to figure out my issue thanks to a previous post. Thank you all for contributing on this forum allowing me to find a reasonably quick solution to my problem :slight_smile: