Recovering H5

HALion 6 is great, but now I really would like to return to work guys.

I’m stuck, support team is totally silent and I am losing hope.

I’ve been waiting for over 10 days to recover my HALion 5 license.
All my workflow is based on HALion 5 presets which are held hostage because of the H5 license removal.

Now I’m thinking about other ways to get HALion 5 back as soon as possible:

1- “return” HALion 6, and I’ll buy H6 again right after, as soon as I am ready.

2- get HALion 5 demo while waiting for the add-on license.

Any thoughts ?

I’ll sent you a PM.

…10 DAYS…

This is a major issue for those using Steinberg software in Studios…have Steinberg really any viable support to offer studios beyond the forum. This was a completly avoidable workload peak for support teams.


I still have heard noting from Steinberg to get my license from H5 back. :neutral_face: