Recovery after deleting files on mac

I lost my cubase project files-wav ?- after deleting the Trash.

  1. How can I recover the files
  2. How can I put the files back, will they still have the same name

I think the lost files are about 300 giga


Aloha f, and welcome to the board. E’ Komo mai.

There are recovery apps for this scenario but they work best if they are already installed.

That being said: DON"T DO ANYTHING TO YER "PUTER! till you install a recovery app.

If you have not saved or deleted anything since this disaster,
chances are good your files are still sitting there waiting for you to find.

However if you continue to use your computer (for anything) you may start to ‘overwrite’ those files.

So my advice:
1-Shut down your computer.
2-Obtain a recovery app.
(if you don’t have access to another computer to get it on-line, try for a ‘boxed’ product).
3-Turn on your computer and install the recovery app.
4-Hope that this all works.

Here is a link with some Mac app options:

Good Luck!