Recrding live output

I’ve come over from Reaper, and there is one feature that. while not essential, I used to find quite fun for playing/recording loops on the fly called “save live output to disk”, when you turn this on you can record anything that Reaper outputs ‘live’

Is this possible in Cubase, I am not sure it is but i may be missing something.



You can route any Output to the Input of another track.

In the VST Connections Add a new Output Bus, set the Device Port to your hardware output. Add a new track, route it’s Output to the new Bus. As an Input, select the old Output, you had before. Enable Monitoring ani Record Enable. Start Recording.

Great, thanks, will have a look later!

Hi. Have had a look into this. Not sure I can achieve what the “save live output to disk” feature did in Reaper.

With that I could have a selection on 16 bar loops, and just mess around with them on the fly via my controller keyboard. e.g. muting, fading in etc. So I could compose a song live from the loops in ‘cycle’ mode

I am not sure if this is possible in cubase using the above method as the cycle mode still applies to the output track

In Reaper it was as if I had another programme open which simply recorded everything I did.

I could probably do the same if I copied the loops across indefinitely and then recorded the output but it was just a really nice feature where I could mute all the tracks, start recording and then press play and make up a song from different parts as I chose

Create a new audio track and name it (something like Print Track works for me)

In the track inspector for the new audio track set the output to No Bus and the input to Stereo Out.

Arm it to record and and it will record the output of your 2ch master buss when you toggle the master record on the transport or * key on number keypad.

If your project bit depth is 32bit (with any sample rate) you don’t need to worry about overs (>0db) and hard clips on the master out. You can just normalize the recorded Print Track to 0db and there will be no clipping.

If you’re looping a section, You can also record your instrument stacked into lanes. Then use the comp hand tool to pick the best sections from each lane and comp into a take. A quick google or YouTube search of ‘Cubase comping’ should show you how to do this.


You could use the Arranger Track and the Arranger Editor too.

One more solution:
Note that you can also route Group Channels to the Input of an Audio Track.
This means you can route or send all of the signals you want to record to a group track.
You then create a track and set that group track as input.

Now if you record you will record anything that passes through the group track.



I think the problem with having the track I am outputting to within the Cubase project is that it will loop along with the loops I am working with, so I will just end up with one loops worth of recorded output.

I think a plugin like Tapeit might be the sort of thing I am looking for , something that routes the audio output directly to a file the hard drive.

In reaper this was a an option save live output to disk, which you just selected from the file menu.

I’m still not 100% sure what exactly you are up to.
But if you are looking for VST Insert effect that can record anything that passes through you might also want to look at the free mrecorder vst:


Thanks for the link to the recorder.

Just to try and explain again what I am up to…

I have a controller keyboard which I can use to fade tracks in, mute/un-mute etc.

So what I would do in reaper is record a few different instruments drums keys etc, mute all the tracks and then press play, select ‘save live output to disk’ and mess around with these looped sections, probably a bit like a set of Ableton loops but with me doing it manually.

The ‘save live output’ would record everything on one file.

I understand I could route tracks to an output/track within Cubase, but as they are ‘looping’ then I can’t get that continuous file as I assume that I can’t have the instrument tracks on a cycle and the recorded output as a continuous take?

Hope you figured it out. But i was going to say enable independent track loop from within the editors of the tracks you have, then disable the main loop. then knock yourself out